Here at Horsepower Solutions, we strive to be the best Auto Performance Shop serving the Mid-Atlantic area.  This is the one stop shop for all racers. We pride ourselves on having the cleanest and most well rounded shop around.  Our employees are specialized with many years of racing experience and work with the highest level of integrity to put out some of the best built cars. We specialize in building the highest quality race cars, from your 2000+ hp drag car to a 1000hp street car.  Here is a list of some of the things we can do:

Forced Induction – 30+ Years of Forced Induction tuning using Turbos and Superchargers. At Horsepower Solutions 95% of the cars we build have a turbo or supercharger. Forced Induction is the easiest way to make BIG horsepower and we know how to get all of it out of your car while still being reliable.  When you are ready to make the setup into the world of turbos and superchargers, let us give you a hand.

Nitrous Tuning – We tune and build nitrous setups with up to 4 Stages of Nitrous. We can take your car and setup up the nitrous with digital timers and tune each nitrous jet for each cylinder so you get the most out of each stage. We also have an in-house nitrous refill station.

Custom Fabrication – Turbo kits, intercooler piping, back-halves are just a few of the custom projects we build on a day to day basis.  If you need something done to your car, bring it here and we will sit down with you, figure exactly what you need, and tell you the best way.  Once we have a firm understanding of what you want out of your car, we can execute it with precision.

Engine Building – We build high horsepower motors for any level. Our engine builders have 40 years combined experience in building race engines and have even placed runner up in the Popular Hot Rodding Engine Masters competition two years back to back.

Dyno Tuning – We have in-house a DynoJet 224X dynometer.  We have 28 years of experience with tuning cars on the dyno.  We are certified to tune with multiple tuning software and will tune SCT, F.A.S.T., Big Stuff 3, AEM, etc.  Give us a call with all your tuning questions and to setup your appointment today.

Dyno Rental – The dyno is the best tool we have here.  It is the key to getting all the power out of your car while keeping it reliable.  We can datalog all the parameters of your car to find out exactly what is going on. Many of our customers choose to rent the dyno from us to do before and after dynos with parts installation and see exactly what each part does for them.  Our prices start as low as $75 to get a baseline.  Call for more pricing.

Complete Custom Wiring – We wire up race cars from start to finish.  Wiring is extremely important in making a reliable and safe car.  Whether you want us to wire up your standalone, nitrous system, methanol injection, boost controller, or your whole car: we can do it!

Roll Cages – 6 point, 8 point, 10 point and 12 point cages are made right here in house for your car.  Tired of getting kicked off the track in your fast ride?  Give us a call.

25.2, 25.3, 25.5 SFI spec Chassis Building – You need a 6.00 certified chassis? Well we can do it.  In house we build some of the strongest cages for your car.  All our chassis are methodically put together for each customer.  With something so important, your life, you want the best team on it. 

More, more, more – There is so much more we do, whether it be a cold air intake install, rear gears, exhaust, or even camshaft upgrade, we do it. If you are wondering what we can do for you just give us a call.  (757) 766-3663